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Daring Faith Update Meeting

April 23rd, 2018

We will be hosting an update on our Daring Faith Initiatives (Satellite Worship, Mortgage, Small Groups, Investing in the Next Generation, Refugee Sponsorship, Soul Cafe, Resource Church, Leadership School) and how we have been trusting in God to accomplish His purposes in these areas.  

In order to demonstrate the power of small groups, we will be doing the update in a small group format.  We will have people sitting in groups of 8 around tables for not only the information but to talk about what excites each person about the initiatives and to have an opportunity to pray for each initiative.


We want to hear from you about the next step in our journey!  This fall we will be talking about where we believe God is leading us and your input will help us as we continue to develop that.  Our Board and Senior Leadership Team will be praying and talking about this over the next few months so any information you have will be a help.  Consider over the next few days, "What burns inside of you when you think about your church’s potential?  Also think about: what really fires you up.  What is the “cause”?  What is your “holy discontent”? 

We are committing to be done in 60 minutes.  Will you join us?

I hope to see you there!


NBUC Teach me to Pray Course

May 2nd - June 6th, 2018

Have you ever wondered if there is a “right” way to pray? Have you ever wondered if or how God hears our prayers? Do you think of prayer as a plea to change God’s mind? What happens to you when you pray? Does prayer make a difference?

If you have ever had any questions about prayer, or would simply like to learn how to start praying or deepen your prayer life, then sign up for a 6 week course that teaches some proven methods to help support you in prayer.

In a small group setting at NBUC, you will discover and experience the power of prayer!

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Mighty Day Camp 2018

July 3rd - August 10th, 2018


Mighty Day Camps returns for 6 weeks of Fantastic Summer Fun!

Each week features a special theme, and is full of arts and crafts, science activities, team building challenges, music and mindfullness, stories and games, outdoor sports and free play in the parkland surrounding our spacious, modern, air conditioned facility.

Mighty Day Camp is staffed with University students thanks to a Canada Summer Jobs grant and offers fantastic leadership training to High School students who commit to a minimum of 2 weeks service and have completed our 4-day Leadership Training Camp.

Throughout it all we share God's Love and Welcome and learn more about our part in God's Big Story!


  • Each week of Camp is listed as a separate "Add On", and prices will appear there.
  • 5-day camps start at $100.
  • 4-day camps start at $80.
  • Camp hours are 9am -4pm daily.
  • Extended Mornings starting at 8am ($20/week) and Afternoons until 5pm ($20/week) are available.
  • Sibling Discounts ($5/child) are available for children/youth in the same household.

    • Kids entering SK to Grade 5 - please register for our Elementary Camps.
    • Youth entering Grades 6 to 8 - please register for our Middle School Camps.
    • High School and Adult Volunteers - please register as a Volunteer.